Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Plight of Poor white Afrikaners inSouth Africa

Here is an article from a blog Green Heeritage News Broughtto my notice by South African journalist Adriana Stuijt.

Plight of Afrikaners in South Africa needs world attention and end to violence
Posted September 24, 2010

Carol Forsloff - The violence against the Afrikaners continues to mount, as a minority group in South Africa pleads for relief from violence and retribution and seeks self determination for itself. The Afrikaners want the world to know and worry the international groups do not respond.

Christa Du Toit Christa Du Toit - censorbugbear reports - Afrikaner recently killed in South Africa

So why should the rest of the world worry? Because, as America's own precepts declares, "All men are created equal."

Under the leadership of Nelson Mandela, following his release from prison after a total of 28 years, there was a wave of euphoria that came with the concept of forgiveness and change and the concept of human rights and civil rights for which Mandela was given the Nobel Prize in 1993. But that change did not bring forgiveness. Instead it has been retribution of blacks on whites for perceived historical injustices perpetrated in the years before Mandela became President of the country.

Apartheid, a system which prohibited blacks from movement economically, socially and geographically, created hardships and poverty for thousands of black Africans in South Africa. The retribution brought by gangs of blacks, now in response to white Afrikaners, whom some blame for apartheid's entrenchment for generations, is the antithesis of what Mandela preached. It is also something that is not profiled, as many Americans continue to believe that what Mandela wanted has been realized.

One of these acts of violence has been chronicled with the following description from the news and captured by a former South African journalist Adriana Stuijt: September 23 2010 - Swazina Park, Uitzicht smallholdings – Pretoria . Afrikaner smallholder Christa Du Toit had just opened the electronic gates to her gardener when she was attacked, throttled and then shot dead with one shot to the head.

For many Americans South Africa is the country of magnificent landscapes, burgeoning industry and athletic events that claim world attention. But it has a bitter history that continues to bring pain and suffering to a minority of white Afrikaners, many who live in rural areas or in poverty themselves.

Human rights organizations have yet to denounce the treatment of the Afrikaners in any significant way. Minorities are seen ordinarily as the people of color when there is conflict. In this situation, the problem is different, becoming the mistreatment, cruelty and violence against a group of people who are a minority at the hands of people who seek vengeance, retribution and power. They do this to the helpless and hapless folk who cannot defend themselves against growing hordes of marauders who invade their homes and land, according to those who have long documented, and continue to document the tragedy.

It is a tragedy the Afrikaners declare needs acknowledgment as should be done with any oppressed group. The group seeks recognition and support for its integrity in order to move forward in a more equal stance in relationship with others.


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