Monday, March 12, 2007

Pride in what White South Africans have Achieved.

South African Whites should be proud of what they have accomplished.If and its a big if, Blacks do succeed in South Africa much credit will have to go to the Whites. This is the Blacks last chance. If they fail then there is no hope in the rest of Africa,no,not ever,but Whites must definitely not be blamed for failure and must not carry any guilt and must not apologise. Zimbabweans can only feel sadness because all that they accomplished has turned to mush, and anger and sadness is all they have left, so I hope South African Whites won't in the end have the same emotions. They should just have pride. In a way this is what I felt when South Africa won the Rugby World Cup and for a while I closed this blog because there seemed to be a ray of light,but gradually the hope that it generated started to fade with the continuing news of murders, crime and Jake White's sacking. So the Blacks just won't let up on their vendetta against Whites and this in the end may be their downfall.

I consider the old White Government overall to have been a benign dictatorship though a white democracy. Admittedly there were many fatal mistakes and certainly there was no unanimity amongst the whites. Smuts said during the 1948 general election that 'Apartheid' would hang around the Nationalists neck like an albatross And so it did.Yet under white rule the country developed as did the Blacks.When I was young Blacks always seemed to dress in rags unless they had some sort of uniform.Just look at them now, only seventy years on.

Health care improved as well as education. Black schools often had white teachers. My wife taught in a Black Teachers Training college where the white teachers were absolutely dedicated .One of my labourers had a brain tumor and was successfully operated on by a top brain surgeon at no cost to himself.Often we took our staff to hospital where they were well cared for by white staff only to be let down by black staff. Often when we rang to find out how a patient was progressing we could only get the proper information when we were able to get hold of a White staff member.

Under Apartheid a greater percentage of blacks were employed than at present.Many of the millions who are unemployed, or whose jobs have been casualised, are even worse off than under apartheid. Around 20 million of our people are still mired in poverty' said Zwelinzima Vavi.
The present government claims to be getting on top of housing yet the quality of houses built is very poor and the population without proper housing has actually increased because of the rapid increase in population.Under the White government schooling and housing came to a standstill because of the intransigence of the blacks with cries of 'Freedom before education'.

Crime has made South Africa one of the most unsafe places on earth to live and in a country where I as a young boy of eight was able to wander around the countryside and in towns unmolested. Half the time my mother never had any idea where I was. Crimes were solved and criminals imprisoned.

Still I'm not proud of the way the Nationalist negotiators capitulated. They were an absolute disaster.I'm annoyed that the Nationalist Government let so many opportunities slip through through their fingers through greed and being too bloody minded holding back black progress. Forcing blacks to learn in Afrikaans was one fatal mistake. Preventing white capital to develop the reserves was another.

Even as I write this I know that if this great South African 'experiment' fails we too won't have any pride left, but we must never, as Whites, let guilt eat us up. Just think what it would have been like if the country had been handed over to the blacks when Ghana and Kenya had received home rule in the 1960's or in 1975 when the Portuguese capitulated!


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