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Migration into Europe

I have not visited my blog for years. This blog is about the invasion of Europe by third worlders. I wondered if I would live long enough to see how things pan out. I'm afraid things are panning out much quicker than I thought. It's not about the migrants travelling there at this moment but it's about those still to come. A poll taken somewhere in Africa asked if they would like to leave Africa and settle in Europe and a majority said they would. Well there are a billion Africans waiting to replace the million in Libya that are attempting to cross over to Europe. At present all eyes are on the Syrian migrants. There are still nineteen million there waiting to gain access to Germany. Good luck to Germany for inviting them. Most seem to be fit young men. Why don't they remain in Syria and fight for their country? The media are trying to influence the European people to accept the migrants with open arms. The picture of the dead child being taken from the sea just has to be reinacted. How come the cameras were at the very spot ready to roll?

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Syria. Same story different place and time.

Wednesday September 11, 2002 On this day I feel a need to say something or make a statement. It was about this time, in fact the day after the 30 September 1899, which was the day my father was born, that my grandfather left his family and Ixopo on horseback, and took up arms to fight the Boers.He had to ride some 50 kms to Richmond where the Border Mounted Rifles entrained for Ladysmith only to be besieged by the Boers.It's funny how history looks at events so differently a hundred years on. Milner and Chamberlain had for a long time wanted to spill Boer's blood. In fact Milner was determined to war with the Transvaal Boers no matter what, and so stirred up British sentiments that he was able to get the British Government to send troops from all over the world and to get volunteers from Canada, Australia and New Zealand to fight a war the Boers did not want and did their best to avoid. But Milner had his way. Thirty thousand Boer lives later and thousands of British troops dead, the scorched earth policy left farms, crops and cattle destroyed and the two Republics devastated before that Great Boer War ended. Early commentators including Churchill of course blamed the Boers entirely, but a hundred years on all writer/historians with better research and documents available, put the full blame for the war on Milner, Chamberlain and Britain.Now Bush and Blair are spoiling for war and are determined to have their war no matter what, I wonder in one hundred years where historians will put the blame for the war against Iraq that seems sure to come.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Man's Inhumanity to Man

Durban - As a woman tried to pull her wounded sister away from the man who had been preparing to rape her, the rapist pulled his victim from her grasp. He dragged the woman away and raped her, stabbing her in the chest and throttling her. She died from her injuries.

But this palls into insignificance compared with the brutality of the murder in the US of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian in Knoxville, Tenn., Glenn Beck researched the case and was horrified at what he found.

and this from The Thinking Housewife Trial in Boy’s Gruesome Murder Receives Little Notice. The trial is underway right now for Mona Yevette Nelson. She is a black woman who allegedly kidnapped a white child and tortured him to death with a blowtorch in Houston. There has never been any serious media coverage of this case.

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The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum…. – Noam Chomsky, The Common Good

I have just finished reading 'The Seven Deadly Sins' by David Walsh. This is about the downfall of Lance Armstrong. David Walsh was a voice crying in the wilderness and was sidelined because of his views. Its very much the same as what has happened to Richwine and immigration IQ.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oscar Pistorius.

Just about everyone has had their say about this horrendous death of Reeva Steenkamp. Many of his previous fans have turned against him. Comments in the on-line papers have shown this. I have swung one way and another as police have leaked information. I have known little of Pistorius except of his athletic success and what I know is what I have learned in the last week.

He was born without functioning lower legs yet he has been able to achieve so much. Much more than able bodied athletes, even it appears that he played rugby and scored a try after his legs had come off in a tackle. He had become a role model for so many others with disabilities and even for those without.

My argument now is how could such a man suddenly murder a girl who was so beautiful and by all accounts a wonderful person. This beggars belief. Someone that had gone through so much and overcome his disability so courageously.

His defence is that he thought she was in intruder. At first thought this seemed implausible. In a compound with such tight security he should be safe.

South Africa is so crime ridden that it seems everyone is living on the edge and has become paranoid about it. I left South Africa in 1997 and living on a farm felt I was a sitting duck. I had alarms, several guns including a semi automatic army rifle.

One night way back in the 1970’s we had friends from Rhodesia staying with us. Our friend Alistair decided to visit the toilet in the middle of the night. On the way back he had to pass our room but mistook it for his. I was awoken by the noise and only saw this dark silhouette in front of me. I shouted to my wife to give me the gun, but fortunately in time she realised what was going on.

Pistorius awoke on hearing the noise reacted instinctively. Reeva didn’t normally stay with him but that night he woke from a deep sleep and maybe did not at that very moment recall that she was in his house. He was more paranoid than most as he was completely helpless without his legs. Of the actual shooting there seems to be some agreement.Its just not possible for it to be premeditated murder.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Schoolboy invention could revolutionise cancer detection

Schoolboy invention could revolutionise cancer detection
Will this ever see the light of day.

Andraka cultured MIA PaCa cells, from a commercial pancreatic carcinoma cell line, which overexpress mesothelin, a biomarker for pancreatic cancer. The mesothelin was isolated, concentrated and quantified with ELISA.[5] After optimization with the Western Blot assay, the human mesothelin-specific antibodies were mixed with single walled carbon nanotubes and used to coat strips of ordinary filter paper. This made the paper conductive. The optimal layering was determined using a scanning electron microscope. Cell media spiked with varying amounts of mesothelin was then tested against to the paper biosensor and any change in the electrical potential of the sensor strip (due to the changing conductivity of the nanotubes) was measured, before and after each application. Specifically, what happened was this: “ The antibodies would bind to the mesothelin and enlarge. These beefed-up molecules would spread the nanotubes farther apart, changing the electrical properties of the network: The more mesothelin present, the more antibodies would bind and grow big, and the weaker the electrical signal would become.[7] ” A dose-response curve was constructed with an R2 value of 99.92%. Tests on human blood serum obtained from both healthy people and patients with chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia (a precursor to pancreatic carcinoma), or pancreatic cancer showed a similar response. The sensor’s limit of detection sensitivity was found to be 0.156 ng/mL; 10 ng/mL is considered the level of overexpression of mesothelin consistent with pancreatic cancer. Andraka's sensor costs $3.00 and 10 tests can be performed per strip, taking 5 minutes each. The method is 168 times faster, 26,667 times less expensive, and 400 times more sensitive than ELISA, and 25% to 50% more accurate than the CA10-9 test.[5] Officials at Intel have said that Andraka's method is more than 90 percent accurate in detecting the presence of mesothelin.[1]

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How the West Was Lost.

This is how.Using eugenics China will improve their average IQ. read about it in the following; China eugenics
The Big Questions: Eugenics and Ethno-States
Richard Lynn said in an interview with Alex Kurtagic
'I am deeply pessimistic about the future of the European peoples because mass immigration of third world peoples will lead to these becoming majorities in the United States and western Europe during the present century. I think this will mean the destruction of European civilization in these countries. I think the scenarios are only marginally better for Canada, Australia, New Zealand. European civilization may survive in Eastern Europe, including Russia. However, Eastern Europe will be no match for China. With the introduction of a market economy it has developed rapidly during the last two decades, and is projected to overtake the United States to become the world’s largest economy in approximately 10 years, and in as little as 20 years the Chinese gross domestic product is on course to nearly double that of the United States. With its high average IQ of 105, its powerful economy, and its large population of around 1.3 billion, it seems inevitable that China will become the world super-power sometime in the coming century, and probably sooner rather than later. I am profoundly thankful for the existence of the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. The torch of civilization will pass to them.'

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A million antigay marriage march in France

Read what The Thinking Housewife has to say. Anyone against same sex marriage is demonised but we are not alone.Those politicians voting in favour should be demonised instead.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How Civilization will be saved by China .Part 2

This thesis is about the downfall of Western Civilisation and its salvation by China. This downfall will be through massive immigration of people of lower intellect from third world countries and Muslim invasion thereby changing the demographics and thereafter their culture. The population of the western countries will not of course realise that it has happened as it is a slow process and the population will grow into the new order without knowing it. Also contributing to it is the politically correctness and feminism which has precluded debate about sensitive subjects such as race and IQ

The west will of course not accept such a scenario as looking around everything will seem to be normal. It’s the same old story of the frog in hot water. Put a frog into a boiling pot of water and it will jump right out but put it in cold water and bring it to the boil and you will cook it. The frog won’t notice.

Although I have been fully aware of the difference in average IQ between blacks and whites for some forty years after first not accepting it, I have only more recently become aware of the difference in IQ between whites and East Asians ,through the research of Phillip Rushton and others. The research and books See IQ and the wealth of Nations
by Lynn has prompted me to develop the thesis as set out in the first paragraph. My previous two postings were my first thoughts on the subject., and I will be long gone before it all materialises.

When we talk of the west we mean the United States and Europe but can also include Russia. South America is in between.

Dealing first with the United states the white population will soon become a minority in a country which was until quite recently almost completely white with a small minority of blacks but everything has changed in the last few decades.
Central is this is evolution.Humans like all animals have evolved over time but early humans were separated into groups through migrations out of Africa and interbreeding with archaic humans such as Neanderthals and Devonians so the evolution of the various groups became different races. These races have different characteristics not least in behaviour, intelligence and physical prowess.
This evolution can be understood as follows from a previous entry.
So many articles make the point about the evolution of the human race after we left Africa.
Read about it here.

Experts believe that modern man and Neanderthals shared a common ancestor in Africa.
Around 400,000 years ago, early Neanderthals left Africa and headed for Europe and Asia.

However, our ancestors stayed behind and evolved into modern humans,but 60000 years ago some left Africa for Europe and Asia.

Professor Parham’s results could be explained by interbreeding between the two ‘tribes’ passing immunity to disease developed by the Neanderthals after they’d left Africa our way.

The professor told a meeting of the Royal Society in London that this interbreeding instilled modern man with a ‘hybrid vigour’ that allowed it to go on and populate the world.
‘Rather than having to evolve from scratch as they moved out of Africa and into Europe and Asia, this interaction would have provided a fast-track to adapting to new environments.’

See here and here and

Neanderthals are amongst our ancestors but not the ancestors of present day Africans.
The Emigration of Latinos into the United States, a once bastion of Western Civilisation.
. An article from the Washington Post

More than half the children in California are Latinos, according to new census statistics that show the nation's most populous state rapidly approaching the day when Hispanics overtake whites as the largest minority.
{snip}Barely one in four Californians under age 18 are non-Hispanic whites,

And to add to that Steve Sailer says in Vdare

Somewhere in his unconscious, Krugman (like most of his readers, apparently) has buried two facts: that Texas has many Hispanics; and that Hispanics have a high dropout rate.Its all about low IQ

The United States is becoming an Hispanic country. And it’s happening much faster than anyone expected.
According to an analysis of newly released 2010 U.S. Census data by the Pew Hispanic Center, the Hispanic population in the United States is growing more quickly and more dramatically than demographers had estimated.

In the 33 states for which data has been released so far, there are almost 600,000 more Hispanics than previously thought. Twenty-eight states had more Hispanics than expected. And, while the current count is 38.7 million Hispanics, there is still data coming from 17 states, making it likely that the final figure could surpass 55 million, or 17% of the U.S. population.

And in Houston City.Dumbing down firemens tests so blacks can passSeven black city firefighters passed over for promotion because they did not score high enough on a written exam will rise to captains' ranks and get cash payments if the Houston City Council approves a lawsuit settlement Wednesday. ...

In Europe the situation is different and perhaps more dire.
Britain has been torn apart by the biggest influx of immigrants in history, David Cameron will admit today.

The Prime Minister will blame a welfare system which has paid Britons to stay idle and foreign job-seekers ‘not really wanting or even willing to integrate’ for turning neighbourhoods into ghettos.

Immigration has been ‘too high’ for many years and has created ‘discomfort and disjointedness’ across the country, he will say.

Recently aGerman banker Thilo Sarrazin said in his book Germany Does Itself In 'Europe's top economy is being undermined, overwhelmed and made "more stupid" by poorly educated, fast-breeding, badly integrated and unproductive Muslim immigrants and their offspring.' He has been widely condemned by the German Government and lost his position in the Bank. However Angela Merkel called the remarks "completely unacceptable." but had to backtrack slightly by saying multiculturalism wasn't working. Germany is the most successful member of the EU and has the highest IQ average.

,According to a 2006 IOM study, there are an estimated 30,000 to 60,000 Haitians in The Bahamas who "are not well integrated into Bahamian society."

The cable noted that the study found distrust of authority by the Haitian community and claims of abuse of Haitians.

There has long been discussion about the strain undocumented Haitian migrants continue to place on social services. Bahamians vs Haitians in the Bahamas In a hundred years the West will have a very small white minority which will not be able to sustain civilisation as we know it. Many of the West's elite will move to the East as their life will have become untenable.

The Rise of China and how it is taking over from the West in more ways than one.

As Opera Struggles in West, an Art Form Flourishes in China While opera companies in Italy are scraping together funds to survive, some 50 opera houses are currently under construction in cities throughout China, symbols of the nation's new membership in the world's cultural elite
while in England the Last night at the Proms drew huge audiences but mostly middle aged and older folk who will not be there for long.
Patriotic revellers wave flags at the Royal Albert Hall in London during the last night of the Proms. Not a brown or black face to be seen. All true Englishmen. Why does China love Shakespere The 1986 festival featured 28 productions of 12 different plays within a fortnight, including the Merchant of Venice performed in English by the Arts Academy of the People's Liberation Army, Midsummer Night's Dream performed by the China Coal Miner's Drama Troupe and Othello by the China Railways Drama Group.
Western Classical Music made and loved in ChinaThe Chinese enthusiasm suggests the potential for a growing market for recorded music and live performances just as an aging fan base and declining record sales worry many industry executives in Europe and the United States. Sales for a top-selling classical recording in the West now number merely in the thousands instead of in the tens of thousands, as they did 25 years ago. More profoundly, classical music executives believe that the art form is being increasingly marginalized in the West by a sea of popular culture and new media. Fewer young American listeners find their way to classical music, largely because of the lack of music education, which was widespread in public schools two generations ago. As a result, many orchestras and opera houses are struggling. China, with an estimated 30 million piano students and 10 million violin students, is on an opposite trajectory. Tests to enter the top conservatories now attract nearly 200,000 students a year, compared with a few thousand annually in the 1980s, according to the Chinese Musicians Association.
Western Literature in China and the Translation of a NationIn so many ways, though,the “success story” of China today could be written as the history of Western literature in China 6 and the significant role it has played in the shaping of modern China, its culture, its memories, its psyche, and every facet of its sociopolitical life. As Lydia H. Liu contends, it would not be possible to understand and appreciate modern Chinese history without taking “the history of translingual practice” into account thanks to the “translatedness” of China’s modernity. 7 Indeed, it would be no hyperbole to say that without translation of Western literature there would have been no modern China as we know it today. From a previous post.
The problem for the West will continue as long as the ruling elite deny the existence of race differences in IQ. Richard Lynn has laid it bare in his books on the wealth of nations and intelligence. There is a strong correlation between IQ and prosperity and the ability to be able to govern and maintain a civilized state. Meanwhile the East is roaring ahead. This higher IQ means making the right decisions by the ruling elites and having highly intelligent local governments and work forces. One can see it in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. However China is the main player.They may have had a hiccup in the last hundred years but they are after all the oldest civilisation.They have an advantage over the other Eastern countries in their enormous population and land mass. There have been precedents to this collapse of civilisations and nations, The Ancient Egyptian civilisation collapsed due to the populations invasion of foreign genes from black Africa imported initially as slaves. Most recently the collapse of good government and prosperity in little Rhodesia and presently South Africa which is heading for a collapse of its infrastructure.Portugal has a very low average IQ due to its high African component and is certainly not doing very well economically. Many argue that in spite of China's high IQ they never invented anything worthwhile and that they learn by rote. None of this is true of course. In a few years they will prove all this wrong. The west argues that their downfall will be their lack of multiculturalism meaning lack of invasion of other races but this will be their strength. Multiculturalism brings discord and lack of trust. Discord is brought in from the borders of countries to the heart of every city town and village of a country. China are doing what Britain did during the industrial revolution. Raw materials that fueled their industries were obtained from their colonies, and they in turn were able to sell these vast cheaply made products back to the colonies and the world. Likewise China is busy colonising Africa and South America and at the same time sending their workers to these far flung lands to'teach' and actively exploit the resources themselves in exchange in many cases for cheaply produced unnecessary goods for the naive indigenous populations. China has already become the worlds factory producing everything from children's toys to sophisticated TVs and computers. You name it they are producing it. Now they are beginning to move up to even greater hi tech products and it won't be long before they start to produce and flood the world with their own designed and patented goods.The West will not be able to rely on being the sole source of hi tech innovation while all their previous sources of production and know-how have been transferred to China. There is an almost unlimited, relatively intelligent labour pool.Relatively intelligent compared to labouers in Africa and even India.The quality of goods produced in China is considerably superior to the same type of goods produced in Africa. They are making sure that they are tying up sources of oil and coal. In their colonizing of Africa they are not concerned about being politically correct or human rights for that matter and they have no racist colonial baggage to inhibit them. Their attitude to Africans is not emotional and in fact they do not seem to like them much and are not likely to let many into their country.In Africa the Chinese do not integrate but keep to themselves. According to statistics there are just about half a million living there with 300000 in South Africa. The way I see it is that China will take the best from the west and adopt it into their culture but they will remain essentially Chinese. So when the West eventually disintegrates China will be there to save civilisation. The great unknown is how long all this will take and what effect climate change will have? Will the famine forecast for large parts of the third world countries accelerate the movement of the populations, or will this climate change so destabilise the world that everything is thrown into turmoil? But its not going to happen next year..

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From a comment by Carl Zimmerman on Gene Expression 'I think Razib hit the nail on the head here in the OP. Identity leftism in the west can be boiled down, more or less, as opposition to anything seen as normative or traditionally desirable – whiteness, maleness, straightness, and middle-class identity first and foremost, but more broadly things like nuclear families, monogamy, thinness, lack of disability, probably even tallness. I think even the “aggravated aspie” movement online can be traced to the same place, as it’s essentially people who are asking not to be judged as social retards because they were “born that way.'

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Three Reasons South Africa will Fail.

This is from;
Kishore Raga Prof Dr (Public Administration)Director: School of Governmental & Social Sciences
Faculty of Arts
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Port Elizabeth

Ex British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said anybody who thought the ANC could govern country was living in cloud-cuckoo-land. Could anybody, at the time she said it, have imagined that nobody would deliver a more vivid demonstration of her claim, than the ANC itself.

In fact, delivering an account of the ANC’s failures, in as little as seventeen years, will likely take as many years – for not a day passes that South Africans are not bombarded with reams of inanities, clearly depicting the state-of-disaster South Africa has become, under the ANC’s governance.

Indeed, I herewith challenge anybody to name anything-, even if it is just one item of success that can be directly contributed to the ANC government – for if you can actually find something, you will be presented with thousands of failures in return. Where else, in the known universe, would such an entity remain in government..? Oops, I forgot.., Zimbabwe...

In passing: let me remind you, the ANC had little to do with the 2010 Soccer World Cup – it was managed from Europe; Sepp Blatter (a Swiss national) simply seized South Africa for a month. The Gautrain was conceived and designed in Europe. The SKA is simply foreign technology in a remote place and so on.

Sport in South Africa survives, not because of the ANC, but despite the ANC. Since 1994, South Africa has only performed in a sustainable manner, in water-sports, golf and rugby.

The ANC stuck its middle-finger down the throat of South African Soccer and demanded the 2010 SWC present an almost exclusively non-white team – the result was the greatest embarrassment in the history of the sport: i.e. the host being eliminated in the first round. In a bender of divine justice, similar to Jesse Owen’s achievements at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, was delivered the clearest signal conceivable to the fascism of South Africa’s current black-nationalist regime – this time, a crushing defeat at the “hands” of a near lily-white team...

Kindly do not quote, as a ‘post ‘94 ANC achievement', anything to do with SARS and/or tax. The ANC does NOT generate tax money – it consumes it, seemingly in a glutinous destructive rage.

While there are places elsewhere in Africa nearing double percentage-point growth-rates, the South African economy is staggering along at less than 2% growth – a figure vehemently disputed by some, saying that in real terms, the South African economy is currently shrinking; e.g. all the signs point at it, citing time-on-time unemployment figures and -other key economic determinants.

The post-Polokwane-‘07 regime has managed to chase away 70% of the Foreign Direct Investment in less than two-and-a-half years (the effects now catching up with the economy). The crippling effects of near insane increases in energy costs – while the country is tiptoeing on the edge of the abyss of rolling black-outs (likely a struggling economy’s death knell), Escom is partying up a (lightning)-storm and giving its executives record salaries and increases.

In summary – the ANC’s modus operandi is simple: take from the white minority and pay the black majority to keep them in power. I am not the first one to raise this actuality, great minds like Moeletsi Mbeki, have done it before. While the aforementioned mores is justified by a near demonic entitlement – viz, as Adolf Hitler presented a “biblical promise” of a thousand-year rule, the ANC delivered the same psychotic delusions, with their “we will rule till Jesus comes” lunacy – a folly that has crippled South Africa at every level of functionality, yet in a rage of overwhelming delusion the ANC continues to celebrate “victory” (even presenting a fictional “battle” that never even happened).

A delusional rage that is slurped up by the largely illiterate- and/or unemployed masses who firmly believe it is their birthright to “take from white people” – spurred on by their spear-dangling DIC-tator, who earlier this year pledged to [verbatim quote] “aggressively” [unquote] remove white South African’s share of the economy, a share that is current less than 20% (of the economy). But as history will attest, the parasitic rage of the communist-vampire will not stop, until its host is sucked bone dry – that is before the monster turns on itself...

As one of the most obese governments on earth, the relevant ANC officials live in a TAX-(funded) HEAVEN, consisting of high-speed convoys-of-destruction featuring Europe’s finest vehicles, private airliners flying in fuel-gulping dual formations to convey a single person to the other side of the earth, seven-course-meals on demand, even an entire private town to be built in honour of the functionally Illiterate Spear-of-the-Nation and his King-Solomon-like bevy of “traditional” wives (one can only image, in horrid trepidation, what the gate-pillars will resemble) and so on.

All of this, while the vast majority of the people who keep the ANC in government, live on less than what one of them splurge out on a suit (often while on a tax-sponsored frenzy in 5th Avenue New York; also known as the land of the “evil imperialist”) – paid for by tax-payers who largely do not even vote for them. A situation so desperate, the USA (in turn) has to rush over to the country (e.g. led by Hillary Clinton’s current visit), to rescue South Africa’s education system and to deliver the critical commonsense (currently lacking) to create real jobs in South Africa, while “The Spear” is frolicking around exotic islands.

Kindly note: the USA has a GDP/capita that is nearly five times (5 x) greater than that of South Africa. Yet the despotic nationalist (ANC) regime, keeps ululating to the whims of the little yellow-and-red flagged critters (i.e. China) – with a GDP/capita that is (more than) 30% LESS than even that of South Africa. Frightening is it not..?

Very few people in South Africa understand the fundamental concept of “TAX”. Tax is not simply an unconditional payment. The only “unconditional” payments are THEFT.

Tax money is handed to a government in good faith – by-and-large, if not exclusively, to deliver collective services that cannot-, or cannot efficiently be achieved by individual entities.

A simple example is street light – one person cannot put up street lights, as everybody uses the street, so money is placed in a ‘pool’ and it is used for collective services. Anything else is THEFT – tax money belongs to the PUBLIC, notably the de facto tax-paying public (e.g. NOT those “tax-payers” who work for the state, the government, municipalities, state-owned-, or semi-state-owned companies, BEE-companies surviving on state-tenders, etc – they simply regurgitate tax-money). The tax-regime conceptually functions/exists in exactly the same manner as that of the body-corporate of a sectional title community/building.

The inconvenient reality is: should the tax-paying community of a country decide to stop paying tax, there is fundamentally nothing the government can do – largely as the ‘government’ needs the very same income to acquire its wherewithal. I.o.w. basically a self-perpetuating incongruity.

Governments will naturally NEVER admit this absolute vulnerability and will use a plethora of methods to intimidate-, indoctrinate (etc) people to continue to pay tax. Imagine a government jailing all its tax-payers – it can NEVER happen.

The South African case must be a tax-base that is one of the most unique in the world. I do not have the exact figures, but South Africa must be the only place on earth, where MORE THAN 80% of the bona fide tax-paying public (refer to the exclusions in brackets in the relevant paragraph above) do not vote for the ruling party. While the vast majority, who vote for the ruling party, contribute little (if not essentially nothing) to the tax-income of the country – viz. one relevant figure I do have: around 70% of the people who vote for the ANC are unemployed.

Shall I remind you that the most prolific country that the world has ever seen – the USA (a place that is younger than South Africa and one that has travelled further than any known being), was built on the ethos – ‘NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION’.

The ANC has left in its wake a plethora of ventures that could only be messed-up by the absolute hopeless – e.g. Telkom (how do you mess up an unmitigated monopoly that is near unconditionally guaranteed? Telkom is now such a desperate mess it wants to withdraw from the stock exchange), SAA (once the greatest airline in the world), Universities (once amongst the most revered academic institutions in the world – now manage little more than ILLITERATE GRADUATES, just ask the Law Society of South Africa), Hospitals (epic institutions that saw some the world’s greatest medical achievements – e.g. the first heart-transplant in history, now little more than macabre medieval slaughterhouses, crawling with Cuban hand-me-downs), etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

THIS IS THE FIRST REASON SOUTH AFRICA WILL FAIL – the ANC takes money from hard-working people and have nothing to show for it.

It is however the latest governmental inanity, of grand proportions, that now warrants ‘special’ mention.

The South African Local Government Association (Salga) is an idiosyncratic oddity that is probably unique to South Africa. Few hard-working South Africans who make a bona fide contribution to the country’s economy have ever heard of this peculiar public entity. An entity created under Section 21 of the Companies Act (1973) – it is the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs’s [GOVSA] “Court Jester” and was formed in terms of the Organised Local Government Act 52 of 1997.

Salga represents local government on numerous intergovernmental forums such as the President's Coordinating Council, Minister and MEC’s forum, the Budget Forum, the National Council of Provinces and the Financial and Fiscal Commission. However, nobody really understands why Salga is necessary or what its value-adding mandate is – this however has not stopped its tax-leeching existence (either directly from a national government grant or indirectly from e.g. membership fees). It appears to be, in some ways, the ANC government’s own union – as bizarre as it sounds (not that peculiarities has ever stopped the ANC regime).

It is worth noting here that the Department of GOVSA is comfortably one of the greatest disasters in an already disastrous ANC government. It presides over rampant non-compliance, corruption of endemic proportions, collapsing- to non-existent infrastructure (including structures that collapsed almost upon completion, by virtue of entities like SGL Engineering, On-Point Engineers and such – distinguished by a certain “director” who took twenty-one years to fail Woodwork), absenteeism so vast it is impossible to quantify, incompetence beyond even the worst nightmare – often openly admitted with flagrant “so what" entitlement, fiscal losses of epic proportions, etc, etc, etc.

E.g. GOVSA (in March 2011) regarded 8 out of 32 unqualified audits as “ improvement...” – i.e. one quarter – where else in the world would a three-quarters failure-rate be regarded as good enough..? Except naturally a place starting with “Z”...

GOVSA’s rampant disconnection from reality is eagerly led by another one of the ANC regime’s big spender - Richard Baloyi. He who spent R360 000 on car rentals, on 21 occasions, for "unavoidable" reasons – obviously a good enough reason, certainly at more than R17000 a shot. Following his impeccable example, his deputy Ayanda Dlodlo did the same on 18 occasions, at a cost of R205 000 – at more than R11000 a shot, she made sure she did not threaten her bosses score per ‘shot’...

Another (rare in this case) oddity in the ANC is auditor-general Terence Nombembe. Recently Nombembe delivered a report to parliament that estimated 70% of municipal officials were not qualified to perform their duties.

At this point, it worth pointing at Act no 12 of 2004 – The Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Actions – believe it or not, assented to, by a president of an ANC government, in April 2004 (not on the 1st, smart-****).

In CHAPTER 2 – named “OFFENCES IN RESPECT OF CORRUPT ACTIVITIES”, Part 2: “Offences in respect of corrupt activities relating to specific persons”, under the heading “Offences in respect of corrupt activities relating to public officers”, it states,
[verbatim – from line no 50] – “4. (1) Any – (a) public officer, who directly or indirectly, accepts or agrees or offers to accept any gratification from any other person, whether for the benefit of himself or herself or for the benefit of ANOTHER PERSON...”

“ order to act, personally or by influencing another person so to act, in a manner...
(ii) that amounts to
(aa) the abuse of a position of authority;
(bb) a breach of trust; or
(cc) the violation of ... a set of rules;
(iii) designed to achieve an unjustified result...
is guilty of the offence of corrupt activities relating to public officers.
(2) ... "to act" in subsection (1) Includes –
(b) performing or not adequately performing any official functions...”

Not only is 70% incompetence an overwhelmingly unbelievable figure – in any ‘book’, anywhere on earth (bar perhaps Z...) – appointing- and/or allowing such a person to continue- and/or aiding- and/or assisting such a person, is by definition a corrupt activity (i.o.w. corruption).
Act no 12, 2004, gives the prosecuting authority the power to imprison somebody for life (take note Woodwork students – start practicing your ‘Boeremag’ anthems, you could be sharing a close proximity with some unlikely friends – till Jesus comes...).

Following Terence Nombembe revelation, the cabinet instructed COVSA’s Minister (Richard Baloyi) to ensure municipalities employ suitably qualified financial officers – a somewhat impotent response to what is potentially a very serious matter, nevertheless..,

Into the fray steps Salga’s CEO Xolile George, to quickly expose cabinet’s ‘response’ for what it really is – viz ineffectual lip-service.

Nobody (that matters) really knows who Xolile George is, but he quickly poured ice cold water (midst country-wide snowfalls for the first time in recorded history) on the instruction from cabinet, by saying that the inefficient workers were contractual obligations for the municipalities and cannot be let go. He then proceeded to say: “...Our appetite is not to fire people but to capacitate them...”


I trust Xolile George can grasp that he is potentially an accessory to corruption. But I guess he does not grasp this verity and nor do the ANC. In fact the entire ANC regime is not only impervious to the extent- and de facto meaning of corruption, it is wholly oblivious. The examples are overwhelming – I have merely elaborated on one ‘interesting’ example.

THE SECOND REASON SOUTH AFRICA WILL FAIL under the ANC – it has “incapacitated” itself to address incompetence, corruption and alike.

The thrid reason is courtesy of one the greatest literary minds of our time – Ilana Mercer (a citizen of the USA, notably so, as the ANC’s destruction of South Africa is increasingly being recognised on the global stage).

As a classical liberal writer she has written one of the greatest- and probably most complete dissertations on post-Apartheid South Africa – in many ways, of Apartheid South Africa. Her book "Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa." is a script that is a minimum requirement for ANYBODY who values a future in South Africa (and for that matter the USA) – notably for their children- and theirs. Read it – I urge you.

She has written a number of essays on South Africa (particularly post-1994 South Africa), but for the purposes here, I will refer to her article titled “Clueless in South Africa with Mrs. Obama”

It touches on the ANC’s obligatory sophism – viz “BLAME WHITES FOR EVERYTHING”, from sun-spots to old-age homes...

Ilana cites Jim Peron, a US expat, as she notes, “...idealism drove him to decamp to post-apartheid South Africa...”. Peron says: "Every time something goes wrong (and that happens constantly), the same litany of excuses is recited. 'We inherited this problem from the corrupt apartheid regime.’...”

She follows by stating “...There's one pesky problem with this particular blame-game: South Africa's flourishing criminal class consists mainly of youngsters who've come of age and blossomed under black rule...”

Then she states another inconvenient verity: “...minority-ruled South Africa, with all its problems, offered Africans more than any other country on the Dark Continent...”.

As such she further notes another uncomfortable fact “...While black Africa and East Europe circled the drain due to communism, South Africa was experiencing an economic explosion, courtesy of the National Party's relatively conservative economics. An oasis in the African desert, South Africa's... ...economy grew at an annual rate of six percent during the 1960s...”.

Presenting more substance not fitting well into the ANC’s “sheep-suit” that blames everything on WHITE APARTHEID, Ilana notes:
“...In his submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, F. W. de Klerk, who received a Nobel Peace prize for surrendering South Africa to the ANC, corrected the record.

Apartheid was not only about white privilege but also about development and redistribution of income from whites to blacks. The economy had grown by an average of 3.5 percent per year under apartheid, the black school population grew by 250 percent in the first twenty-five years of apartheid, and the black share of total personal income had nearly doubled from twenty percent in the mid-1970s to thirty seven percent in 1995, while that of whites declined from seventy one to forty nine percent." As bad as the Bantu Education system was, it vastly improved black literacy.

Twelve years into the Nationalist government's rule, the rate of literacy among the Bantu of South Africa was already higher than that of any other state in Africa, or that of India...”

It is worth noting that the gains in the literacy of black South Africans during almost five decades of apartheid, has been all but eradicated by the ANC regime, in as little as one-and-a-half decades.

Then she gives a brief overview of the vast improvements in health-care and life-expectancy of black South Africans under apartheid. A day will come when history will show that the apartheid government took better care of black people than the regime elected under (so-called) “democracy”.
She concludes by saying “...By staving off crime and communism, the apartheid regime, a vast repressive apparatus though it was, saved black South Africans from an even worse moral and material fate...”

THIS IS THE THIRD REASON SOUTH WILL FAIL under the ANC regime – viz the convenient proxy apartheid offers for reality...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Amsterdam of Immigrants. Sharing the Motherland.

Is this what they really wanted?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cognitive dissonance

We all have our mindsets or opinions about various subjects and we all live within certain paradigms.
With 7 billion people on earth there are going to be that many opinions about any one subject,accepting of course that everyone thinks, that is.
Forgetting the maths, there are certain ones among us that seem to think along the same lines and within a certain paradigm. The blogs I read like 'Steve Sailer', 'West Hunter' and 'View from the Right' and the many opinions expressed in those blogs and their comments seem to be very much in tune.
I think most of the readers of these blogs live in the paradigm of Theodosius Dobzhansky who stated that nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution'
However there are many people that live with cognitive dissonance. I have a friend that is a Christian but is at the same time very opposed to the teaching in her church about creationism. She believes in evolution and gets all hit up about her minister telling the congregation that evolution is false. At least the creationists are honest and don't suffer from spiritual schizophrenia. Dr. Francis Collins must suffer from this malaise.
Most within this group accept Dobzhansky's statement.

One of the hallmarks of the group is that they accept evolution and that therefore are race realists and accept that there are different races or subspecies of man having different behaviours, physical and cognitive characteristics. If there are different physical differences after being separated from each other for up to sixty thousand years and also those that left Africa came into contact with Neanderthals who left Africa 400000 years ago and bred with them, it would be quite reasonable that there were differences in cognitive ability as well. However many accept evolution but will not accept that there any different human races. Any difference in brain capacity is caused by the environment. Here is more cognitive dissonance.

Further the group seems to be at one as far as atheism is concerned going by most comments. As one can't be religious and accept evolution this is understandable.

Homophobia amongst the group is not so well supported or maybe many are uncomfortable with homosexuality because of 'being born that way'.. I'm not sure about this.

Most of the group are very much against multiculturalism and the invasion of western countries by Muslim's and believe that they are intent in taking over Europe and Britain. Unfortunately so few of the the west's population really understand Islam's intent, and what they really believe. Here is further cognitive dissonance,people believing that there are moderate Muslims and not accepting Islam's intent even though they see the evidence with their own eyes in their own towns.
Most of the group are conservative but not necessarily republican.
There are very popular Science blogs that are atheistic but support multiculturalism. Here the main one is Pharyngula. Yep I've just checked comments on the blog and they seem to reject IQ tests as a measurement of Intelligence. All people with high IQ are not necessarily going to make a lot of money or be successful in life but at least they have a chance but people with low IQ's just are not going to be very successful.Just as if you are are heavy and tall you could become a good rugby player but not necessarily but if you are tiny you just don't even have a chance.

Global warming v global warming denialists . I don't know where the group stands on this but as soon as the science is sorted out and accepted I am sure they will be on the side of science. I don't think this has anything to do with the issues above.

So those in this group don't have much cognitive dissonance,but should be vigilant to make sure. But its good to be right! on all the most important issues. How big is this group?It needs to reach critical mass.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who urinated in the stairwells?

I'm getting too old to think up new posts so would like to copy this from View from the Right without further comment except to say that as instructed it should be posted all over the country.In fact everywhere.
How whites should respond to the demand that they must do something to end racism

In the discussion on Duluth's "You can't see racism when you're white" campaign, which began several days ago and is still continuing, the first reader's response was by Paul K. His comment should be spread all across this country. If whites weren't three quarters brain-dead, it--and statements like it--would be spread all across this country:

Whites have turned our society upside down trying to deal with racism for the past 60 years, so it's hardly novel to urge them to "have a role." One wonders, though, when blacks will play a role beyond voicing complaints and demanding concessions. Much of what is called racism is an understandable reaction by whites to the unacceptable behavior of blacks. For example, whites tend to avoid situations where blacks congregate, out of fear of black violence. Which group can do more to resolve this problem? Would Mayor Ness recommend that blacks be less violent or that whites be less fearful of their violence? A great many social problems are attributed to the fatherless homes in which black children are raised; according to Mayor Ness, is this a problem that it is up to blacks or whites to address? Many whites withdraw their children from public school because the poor performance of black students lowers the academic quality and their disruptive behavior creates a chaotic environment; would Mayor Ness recommend that whites get over these concerns? Examples could continue.

Blacks are responsible for the behavior out of which most racial friction grows. Whites can only choose their reaction to it--resistance, acceptance, or avoidance. Yet to Mayor Ness and his ilk, it is only whites who have the power to change the situation.

- end of initial entry -

Paul K. writes:

It is remarkable how often the obvious question goes unasked. I recall an instance when then mayor Ed Koch was being shown around a dilapidated housing project. Local activists pointed out its many unacceptable deficiencies, among them stairwells reeking of urine.

"Who urinated in the stairwells?" Koch asked, ingenuously.

The response: a baffled silence.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blacks should compensate Whites for giving them South Africa

I found this on Praag. It is very informative and all those vindictive critics of South Africa should read about it. But that's wishful thinking.

Blacks should compensate Whites for giving them South Africa
Monday, 15 August 2011 19:22 Mike Smith

Emeritus Arch Bishop of Cape Town is at it again and in the news for asking whites to pay a reparation tax or wealth tax because they all apparently benefitted from Apartheid.

Along came his cheerleading constitutional expert and praise singer Piere de Vos from UCT and said, “The problem is, of course, that some white people – out of shame or ignorance or maybe a bit of both – do not want to admit that white South Africans almost all benefited from apartheid vis-à-vis black South Africans.”

Almost All? Who were the ones that did not benefit? Again facts sucked out of each other’s thumbs.

As I have proved in Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box…everyone in South Africa benefitted form Apartheid, Black and White. Blacks had the highest literary standards and the highest life standard of all the blacks in Africa.

Self hating liberal idiot, De Vos reckons, “If I had been born black and poor, I almost certainly would not have gone to University and I would almost certainly never have been a Law Professor at UCT (University of Cape Town), earning quite a nice salary, thank you.”

I love the way he chooses his words. “Almost All”…”Almost Certainly”…As always both De Vos and The Arch fails to explain how it was at all possible for Tutu to study and become a teacher just like his father was.

They also fail to explain how Nelson Mandela and countless other blacks managed to become lawyers during Apartheid South Africa a lawyer just like De Vos.

They further failed to explain how the Apartheid government built ten Universities for blacks including Medunsa which is a unique medical university that turned out 200 highly qualified black doctors every year all at state costs, paid for by the white taxpayers. It also trained paramedics and nurses.

Since 1970 the budget for black education was raised by about 30% per year every year. More than any other government department.

In the period 1955 -1984 the amount of black school students increased 31 times from 35,000 to 1,096 000.

65% of black South African children were at school compared to Egypt 64%, Nigeria 57%, Ghana52%, Tanzania50% and Ethiopia 29%.

Amongst the adults of South Africa, 71% could read and write (80% between the ages 12 and 22). Compare this to Kenya 47%, Egypt 38%, Nigeria 34% and Mozambique at 26%.

In South Africa, the whites built 15 new classrooms for blacks every working day, every year. At 40 children per class it meant space for an additional 600 black students every day!!!

In 1985 there were 42,000 Blacks at 5 universities in South Africa, about the same amount at the universities of the homelands.

In an article called “Die Afrikaner” 11 Feb 1987, the quarterly magazine called “Vox Africana Nr 29 4/87 stated that,

South Africa had 4,8 million whites and 18,2 million blacks in 1987. The whites paid 77% of the taxes and the blacks only 15%...despite this...56% of the government budget was spent on blacks.

During the time of Dr. Verwoerd. the living standards of Blacks were rising at 5,4% per year against that of the whites at 3,9% per year. In 1965 the economic growth of South Africa was the second highest in the world at 7,9%. The rate of inflation was a mere 2% per annum and the prime interest rate only 3% per annum. Domestic savings were so great that South Africa needed no foreign loans for normal economic expansion.

Even Lord Deedes admitted, “White South Africa grew to become the economic giant of the continent, the other members of the Commonwealth virtually sank into poverty.”

At the hight of Apartheid in 1978 Soweto had 115 football fields, 3 Rugby fields, 4 athletic tracks, 11 Cricket fields, 2 Golf courses, 47 Tennis courts, 7 swimming pools built to Olympic standards, 5 Bowling alleys, 81 Netball fields, 39 children play parks, and countless civic halls, movie houses and clubhouses.

In addition to this, Soweto had 300 churches, 365 schools, 2 Technical Colleges, 8 clinics, 63 child day care centres, 11 Post Offices, and its own fruit and vegetable market.

There were 2300 registered companies that belonged to black businessmen, about 1000 private taxi companies. 3% of the 50,000 vehicle owners in 1978 were Mercedes Benz owners. Soweto alone had more cars, taxis, schools, churches and sport facilities than most independent countries in Africa. The Blacks of South Africa had more private vehicles than the entire white population of the USSR at the time.

Today Soweto has modern shopping malls like, Dobsonville Shopping Centre. In 2005 the Protea Gardens Mall opened. This was followed by the Baramall Shopping Centre and the Jabulani Shopping complex and the Maponya Mall. Experts say that Soweto has as much as 25% oversupply of retail space.

The Canadian Medical Doctor, Dr Kenneth Walker wrote about Soweto, (I freely translate from “Verrat an Südafrika”, Klaus Vaque, 1987,pg 41)

“In Soweto I saw many homes that costs about $100,000 (1978) and that had a BMW in the driveway. All houses are single storey. Many are recently painted. Many had flowerpots in the windows and lawn in the front. Only 2% were shacks. If I had the choice to live in Soweto or in the apartment dwellings or “Projects” of New York, Chicago, or Detroit where there is so much crime, then I would not hesitate for one moment and choose Soweto.”

The biggest hospital in the world, Baragwanath with 3200 beds and at its peak almost 8000 staff had 23 operation theatres fitted out with the most modern medical equipment that existed in the world. Blacks were treated here, operated full state costs to the white-taxpayers for unlimited periods. The budget of this hospital was and is higher than the yearly budget of most small member states of the United Nations.

Next door to Baragwanath is the St. John’s Eye Clinic. The clinic is world famous for the treatment of Glaucoma, Cataracts, traumatic eye injuries and rare tropical diseases. All built and maintained by white taxpayer’s money for blacks.

Baragwanath in 1978 employed 450 medical doctors in full-time service. It treated 112 000 in-patients and 1.62 million out-patients per year. The children and infant death rate with 34.8 per 1000 was lower than Harlem in New York.

In 1982 alone, this hospital performed 898 heart operations of world quality.
Ironically...90% of the blood donors for this hospital were whites, who donated blood free of charge, totally save black lives. (Quoted from The Citizen, 2 April 1987).

Whites have already given blacks their blood. What more do they want?

De Vos calls for a “ones off reconstruction tax”….did he forget that 20,000 “Victims of Apartheid” were compensated R30,000 each back in the days of the TRC?

Personally I think that Prof Pierre De Vos and Bishop Tutu should go get an education about the truth about Apartheid. Theyy can start by reading my Pandora Series.

Whites have given blacks the entire country for free. In tact. There is nothing more to give. Today blacks are destroying all the infrastructure that we paid for and built. Then still has the audacity to tell whites they should leave.

What I want to know is who are going to compensate whites for all the schools, hospitals, dams, airports, harbours, railroads, etc that they have built? It is high time for blacks to start paying whites. Nothing is for free.

Bishop Tutu and De Vos can start by selling their mansions and BMW’s and give it to the poor white fund of Solidarity “Helpende Hand”.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Destruction of a South African Farm or We had a Farm in Africa

This was our sugar/citrus/banana farm right next to Ngwenya Lodge in Komatipoort. It was sold to the SA government 3 years ago, and this is what it looked like last week when we went to attend the church's half century celebration. We matched each scene with a 'before' photo and the last photograph was taken from a helicopter where the remains (shell) of the house is visible. Even the roof has been stolen. It was the saddest day of our lives to see our well maintained home and garden totally neglected. The farming activities are similar- it will take years to get the farm productive again. The beneficiaries are simply doing NOTHING, they have used every resource left on the farm and are now squatting in small shacks all over the farm, built from IBR plates and material from our stripped house. Can you imagine how we feel towards the SA Gov???

Herman Louw

I also has a farm in Africa which is now also unproductive. see bottom pic.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

World Populationto reach Seven Billion in the next few days.

When I was born the World Population was just two billion and when my father was born at the end of the 19th century it was only 1.5 billion. So in 112 years it has gone from 1.5 to Seven billion.No wonder I'm obsessed with population explosion.I live in a little town of just 2000 souls and wonder if we live here because we can't stand crowds of people crushing us every where we go.

Read the story here

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Who Killed Meredith Kercher?

Who killed Meredith Kercher seemed to be the main question the Brits were asking after the aquital of Amanda Knox and her boy friend. They seemed to ignore the fact that the murderer was safely tucked up in an Italian jail. They just couldn't believe that he was the only murderer. He was a drug dealer and a petty thief from Africa. He had to be helped by a young white middle class girl from a very balanced family who spent most of her life in the very civilised city of Seattle, and a young man,son of a urologist who had become her boyfriend. It just boggles my mind that people could think that these three could have got together to slit the throat of a room mate of Amanda Knox. This sort of thing just does not happen.

Friday, October 7, 2011

What the ANC has in store for South Africa

Research and Policy Brief: Revealing the Master Plan: What the ANC has in store for South Africa, 28th September 2011.
Address by John Kane-Berman, chief executive of the South African Institute of Race Relations, to Institute members and guests at the Country Club, Johannesburg, on 28 September 2011

In my presentation last year I argued that many of the problems confronting South Africa arose not from a few wrong-headed policies, but from the nature of the Government and the way it ran the State. I suggested that when a party with a two-thirds majority in Parliament was still committed to a "national democratic revolution” we should ask what it is that they wished to stage a revolution against. So this evening I will explore the national democratic revolution (NDR) in a bit more detail. I will define it, discuss the process of implementation, look at the implications, and then say something about its future. Read the whole address here

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And the Elephant in the Room Is.

Police set up fake rap music store and snared 30 gangsters for drugs and gun offences. The comments after the report remark on the scum but no one dares mention the elephant in the room for fear of ridicule. Just what have most of the drug dealers in common? Scumbags, misfits, soulless,ugly and what else?

Serena Williams launched an angry verbal attack on an umpire during the U.S. Open final, calling her 'unattractive inside' and a loser - and she's been fined $2,000 over it.

The American had received a code violation for yelling 'come on' after battling to hang on to her serve during the start of her second set against Samantha Stosur yesterday.

And in the same vein, no one mentions race, though most that comment have that in mind.
Read more:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Was the human race given an ever-lasting boost by breeding with Neanderthal man?

So many articles make the point about the evolution of the human race after we left Africa.
Read about it here.
Experts believe that modern man and Neanderthals shared a common ancestor in Africa.
Around 400,000 years ago, early Neanderthals left Africa and headed for Europe and Asia.

However, our ancestors stayed behind and evolved into modern humans.

Professor Parham’s results could be explained by interbreeding between the two ‘tribes’ passing immunity to disease developed by the Neanderthals after they’d left Africa our way.

The professor told a meeting of the Royal Society in London that this interbreeding instilled modern man with a ‘hybrid vigour’ that allowed it to go on and populate the world.
‘Rather than having to evolve from scratch as they moved out of Africa and into Europe and Asia, this interaction would have provided a fast-track to adapting to new environments.’

See here and here and

Neanderthals are amongst our ancestors but not the ancestors of present day Africans.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

How will Things Pan Out

I wrote this over four years ago. I was upset that I may not live long enough to see how things panned out. Maybe I shouldn't have worried. They are beginning to pan out as I expected.

I will be turning seventy eight at the end of the week and find life as fascinating as ever.About two and a half years ago, just after new year's day, I made a decision,not a resolution mind you, a decision that I would live to ninety and still ride a bicycle. You may well ask what brought this on?. I was reading a piece in the New York Times about what was likely to happen in the next fifteen years, up till the year 2020, which intrigued me.I can't actually remember the details of the article but I was brought up with a jolt with the realisation that I wouldn't be around in 2020. Well why shouldn't I. I'm still fit, read a lot, have five blogs,have all my marbles even if others don't think so,don't smoke or drink more than a few glasses of wine a year, run regularly and was able to ride my bike 40ks in two hours a few weeks ago. So why not? I think the bible did us a disservice by saying that the years of our lives are three score years and ten. Hell, the days of our lives are four score years and ten and maybe five if we look after ourselves. Life's too interesting to cut it short.

I said life is fascinating and I want to see where we are going, because we sure are going faster than ever before. I have attempted to keep up with what I think is one of the most important developments, and that is biotechnology and the use we make of the knowledge gained from DNA research. I have made it my business to understand the chemistry behind DNA, something that was only discovered when I was at University studying science but it was too early for my professors to teach or really know about. Evolution was barely mentioned if at all.Recently I have gained more knowledge of evolutionary biology which everyone should be on first name terms with, if they want to understand about life. Forget intelligent design which is creationism in sheep's clothing . Its just not science and never will be. This is the reason I have subtitled this blog with the words of the great evolutionary biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution" but my best quote is from Francis Crick when he said to a friend in a pub after discovering the structure of the DNA molecule "I think we have discovered the secret of life"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Politically Incorrect Causes of London Riots.

You can find the real causes of riots in the more obscure places and not in the mainstream media. Maybe some found on the pages of the Daily Mail and in their reader comments.First off,the elephant in the room. If you stand too close it looks just like a wrinkled wall,so step back. Its the importation of millions of third world immigrants that do not assimilate. More later.

From comments on the blog of Steve Sailer. There are so many but the truth lies there somewhere.

Anon said

I think a big part of the problem was 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. Too many of the best and brightest in all levels of British society were killed off. Look at the Somme where all those pals battalions led by some English lord or other were mown down. It drained Britain

Think of the great number of pilots lost in the Battle of Britain.All from the more intelligent population. The flower of Britain.

Emigration? With so little chance for social advancement in Britain anybody with ambition, drive or skill would move away. Those left behind would tend to be the less capable types.

Leaving the dregs behind. Only qualified immigrants were allowed into Natal in in the 1850's for example.

Britain also industrialized first and was thus also the first country to suffer de-industrialization. This has had serious consequences.

This meant that more work could be done by fewer workers leaving the unintelligent unemployed.

Spatially should be considered. England is very small and its white underclass is much more urbanized then is the case in America. They are thus a lot more concentrated together, where they can easily riot together.

Even the rain may be a factor. Since it tends to rain a lot more in the British Isles and most poor whites there don't own land, they don't hunt, fish, etc, like American poor rural whites do. Rather they have developed a pub culture of getting bombed. Don't underestimate the effects of debilitating a people who build a lifestyle around alcohol consumption.

England is the most densely populated country in Europe.

The historian Dr David Starkey has sparked a conflagration of his own.
During a debate about the disturbances on BBC2's Newsnight, Dr Starkey argued that one of the central problems was the influence of a 'violent, destructive and nihilistic' black culture that had corrupted too many of Britain’s youngsters.
Warming to his theme, he said: ‘A substantial section of the chavs have become black. The whites have become black. Black and white, boy and girl, operate in this language together . . . which is wholly false, which is a Jamaican patois that’s been intruded in England, and this is why so many of us have this sense of literally a foreign country.

Read more

From Russia Mikhail Margelov said
"the foolishness with which Europe regards its historical past has led to the filling of its cities with migrants from the former 'Third World,' many of whom do not give a damn about not only European values, but simply about the rules of conduct on the streets of Paris, Brussels, London, and Cologne."

Read the whole article here

The financial mess the west is in.Summed up in an article here.

This was the heaven on earth for which liberal democracy had been striving: a system of wealth redistribution that was merciful but not Marxist, and a guarantee of lifelong economic and social security for everyone that did not involve totalitarian government. This was the ideal the European Union was designed to entrench. It was the dream of Blairism, which adopted it as a replacement for the state socialism of Old Labour. And it is the aspiration of President Obama and his liberal Democrats, who want the United States to become a European-style social democracy.


We have arrived at the endgame of what was an untenable doctrine: to pay for the kind of entitlements that populations have been led to expect by their politicians, the wealth-creating sector has to be taxed to a degree that makes it almost impossible for it to create the wealth that is needed to pay for the entitlements that populations have been led to expect, etc, etc.

How does China and the East see the riots in Britain.
Here is an cut from 'The Diplomat'

In truth, if we look at the deep causes, the London riots are a reflection of Europe’s sickness: years of high welfare payments, excessive personal liberties, and an increase in foreign immigration have rendered it impossible for the lowest rungs of society to enjoy material well-being.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

How China Sees English Riots

How does China and the East see the riots in Britain.
Here is an cut from 'The Diplomat'
In truth, if we look at the deep causes, the London riots are a reflection of Europe’s sickness: years of high welfare payments, excessive personal liberties, and an increase in foreign immigration have rendered it impossible for the lowest rungs of society to enjoy material well-being. In good times, the flaws in this social model are concealed. But when prosperity fails, the problems emerge: xenophobia, extremism, and such -- if they aren’t handled well, sudden violence can break out. To take these riots as an example, the British media have reported that people are angry with the European Union, dissatisfied that irresponsible consumption in southern Europe has created a financial crisis, unhappy with cutbacks in public expenditure, worried about the inefficiency of the police and the crime rate -- this is what the riots reflect. Of course, most people are appalled by the developing situation, and believe that they are a criminal disgrace that should be punished severely.

So to some extent, the London riots, the violence of recent years across Europe and especially in France, the expulsion of the gypsies, discrimination against conservative Muslims, and last month’s shooting incident in Norway, are all symptoms of different aspects of Europe's development. While pluralism, equality, and individual freedom are all of very great worth, achieving them in practice clearly comes at a very great price.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Russian senator blames failure of multiculturalism for UK riots

Mikhail Margelov said "I think the events occurring in the English cities have at least two reasons. One is fundamental: it's the death of multiculturalism, a eulogy which the heads of Germany, France and Great Britain have recently delivered. The value of tolerance, or in other words the value of difference, has been accepted neither by 'indigenous' Europeans nor by immigrants," Margelov said. "The two sides merely tolerate each other. And patience is the kind of thing that runs out from time to time."
He also said
"the foolishness with which Europe regards its historical past has led to the filling of its cities with migrants from the former 'Third World,' many of whom do not give a damn about not only European values, but simply about the rules of conduct on the streets of Paris, Brussels, London, and Cologne."

Read the whole article here

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reporter Witnesses Racial Attacks in UK

Thursday, August 4, 2011

May You Live in Interesting Times.

I googled this and found that many other bloggers had recently done the same. They also looked up wikipedia to see where the phrase came from. It seems it is supposed to be an ancient Chinese curse but that is not certain at all. However whatever the origin I seemed to have lived in interesting times but not because of the curse.

I was born in the 1920's just at the beginning of the great depression. Just after the first sound movies and not long after the First World War. The world population was a little over a quarter of what it is now so to me that is the biggest change which has had a domino or wave, no tsunami effect on everything since my birth;the population increase to seven billion people.The years after the second World War were the most pleasant from say 1950 to 1970. Over that period jobs were for life.

I was a conservationist before there was environmentalism, I was a non smoker when everyone smoked, I rode a bicycle when it was very unpopular.I was a physical culture freak and ate only health foods when I was young.I went to university at twenty five years old and was told I was too old. Now I feel I have been usurped. However I think I have lived a charmed life. My wife says blessed but I stick to charmed. My father had a good job during the depression and prospered but was too old to take part in the War and I was too young.I was too old for the bush war in South Africa but joined the commandos.I represented my provice and South Africa in my chosen sport.
All that has past now and the country of my youth exists only in my memory.

Now I live in New Zealand and watch everything from a distance.

Now I wonder if we really are cursed with a bursting population explosion causing dramas and mayhem all brought to life with big plasma TV screens . One calamity or disaster after another. Sports extravaganzas to fill in the gaps.Where to start. The destruction of the World Trade centre,then there was New Orleans, the Pacific tsunami devastating Indonesia and Sri Lanka, followed by one in Samoa.Earth quakes in Haiti, New Zealand and Japan with the devastating tsunami and resulting damage to the nuclear reactor. Floods in the United States, Pakistan and Australia and China and other parts which I fail to remember. They became main news for so short a time before being overtaken by something new. DSK, News of the World, and the horrific shooting in Norway.

But what of Bush's and Blair's lies, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan,and the killing of bin Larden. Everything just blurs into one holy mess. Democracy in the United states seems not to work and China maybe is on the verge of becoming the sole superpower owning all the cash. When things start to unravel they can unravel very very quickly. The Soviet Union seemed to crash rather rapidly and and so did many other Empires come to an end almost unexpectedly.Britain once ruled the world and now just a hundred years later is a minor power following like a lap dog after the United States, a country it once ruled.
Africa is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Famine in the horn of Africa,Kenya and Sudan. The Arab spring looks more like it will end in an Arab winter.
Have I missed something?
Yes. The financial mess the west is in.Summed up in an article here.

This was the heaven on earth for which liberal democracy had been striving: a system of wealth redistribution that was merciful but not Marxist, and a guarantee of lifelong economic and social security for everyone that did not involve totalitarian government. This was the ideal the European Union was designed to entrench. It was the dream of Blairism, which adopted it as a replacement for the state socialism of Old Labour. And it is the aspiration of President Obama and his liberal Democrats, who want the United States to become a European-style social democracy.


We have arrived at the endgame of what was an untenable doctrine: to pay for the kind of entitlements that populations have been led to expect by their politicians, the wealth-creating sector has to be taxed to a degree that makes it almost impossible for it to create the wealth that is needed to pay for the entitlements that populations have been led to expect, etc, etc.

So from a distance it certainly is interesting.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why is there no looting in Japan?

This is from the Telegraph, but there are articles all over about the lack of looting in Japan. One should read the comments after this writeup to see how the tide is gradually turning in the UK and elsewhere.

And solidarity seems especially strong in Japan itself. Perhaps even more impressive than Japan’s technological power is its social strength, with supermarkets cutting prices and vending machine owners giving out free drinks as people work together to survive. Most noticeably of all, there has been no looting, and I’m not the only one curious about this.

And from Mail Online
Amid the chaos, foreign journalists have remarked on the polite demeanour, the lack of anger, the little if any looting or profiteering that seems to characterise disasters elsewhere.