Friday, September 4, 2015

Migration into Europe

I have not visited my blog for years. This blog is about the invasion of Europe by third worlders. I wondered if I would live long enough to see how things pan out. I'm afraid things are panning out much quicker than I thought. It's not about the migrants travelling there at this moment but it's about those still to come. A poll taken somewhere in Africa asked if they would like to leave Africa and settle in Europe and a majority said they would. Well there are a billion Africans waiting to replace the million in Libya that are attempting to cross over to Europe. At present all eyes are on the Syrian migrants. There are still nineteen million there waiting to gain access to Germany. Good luck to Germany for inviting them. Most seem to be fit young men. Why don't they remain in Syria and fight for their country? The media are trying to influence the European people to accept the migrants with open arms. The picture of the dead child being taken from the sea just has to be reinacted. How come the cameras were at the very spot ready to roll?


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