Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Destruction of a South African Farm or We had a Farm in Africa

This was our sugar/citrus/banana farm right next to Ngwenya Lodge in Komatipoort. It was sold to the SA government 3 years ago, and this is what it looked like last week when we went to attend the church's half century celebration. We matched each scene with a 'before' photo and the last photograph was taken from a helicopter where the remains (shell) of the house is visible. Even the roof has been stolen. It was the saddest day of our lives to see our well maintained home and garden totally neglected. The farming activities are similar- it will take years to get the farm productive again. The beneficiaries are simply doing NOTHING, they have used every resource left on the farm and are now squatting in small shacks all over the farm, built from IBR plates and material from our stripped house. Can you imagine how we feel towards the SA Gov???

Herman Louw

I also has a farm in Africa which is now also unproductive. see bottom pic.


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