Sunday, August 14, 2011

How China Sees English Riots

How does China and the East see the riots in Britain.
Here is an cut from 'The Diplomat'
In truth, if we look at the deep causes, the London riots are a reflection of Europe’s sickness: years of high welfare payments, excessive personal liberties, and an increase in foreign immigration have rendered it impossible for the lowest rungs of society to enjoy material well-being. In good times, the flaws in this social model are concealed. But when prosperity fails, the problems emerge: xenophobia, extremism, and such -- if they aren’t handled well, sudden violence can break out. To take these riots as an example, the British media have reported that people are angry with the European Union, dissatisfied that irresponsible consumption in southern Europe has created a financial crisis, unhappy with cutbacks in public expenditure, worried about the inefficiency of the police and the crime rate -- this is what the riots reflect. Of course, most people are appalled by the developing situation, and believe that they are a criminal disgrace that should be punished severely.

So to some extent, the London riots, the violence of recent years across Europe and especially in France, the expulsion of the gypsies, discrimination against conservative Muslims, and last month’s shooting incident in Norway, are all symptoms of different aspects of Europe's development. While pluralism, equality, and individual freedom are all of very great worth, achieving them in practice clearly comes at a very great price.


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