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How Western Civilization will be saved--by the East.

Well if you haven't noticed China has been on the move for the last couple of decades. Europe is struggling with the Euro and its invasion by third worlders while the United states the bastion of Western Civilisation is being invaded by Mexico. That is the crux of the matter.

Why should these invasions matter? To those that believe that all races are equal it really doesn't matter if one population is replaced by another,after all it has been happening all the time.The invasion of the British Isles by the Normans and the Romans brought in foreign genes. It happened right across Europe and there seemed to be no ill effects. But there is a difference. They were always invaded by white races.

Jacques in his book 'When China rules the World' makes the point that it will be on China's terms and that China will not eventually become like the West.Never the less China is absorbing much of the West 's culture but not its multiculturalism through the importation of other culture's populations. They will remain essentially one race. The same applies to Japan and Korea which will eventually become unified with the North. However he and the whole of the politically correct governments of the west ignore the main reason for the ability of the East to rule the world, is that the East Asians have a IQ way above the IQ of the western country's populations which are eventually going to have an even lower average IQ because of the invasions of third world populations.

Recently aGerman banker Thilo Sarrazin said in his book Germany Does Itself In 'Europe's top economy is being undermined, overwhelmed and made "more stupid" by poorly educated, fast-breeding, badly integrated and unproductive Muslim immigrants and their offspring.' He has been widely condemned by the German Government and lost his position in the Bank. However Angela Merkel called the remarks "completely unacceptable." but had to backtrack slightly by saying multiculturalism wasn't working. Germany is the most successful member of the EU and has the highest IQ average.

The problem for the West will continue as long as the ruling elite deny the existence of race differences in IQ. Richard Lynn has laid it bare in his books on the wealth of nations and intelligence. There is a strong correlation between IQ and prosperity and the ability to be able to govern and maintain a civilized state.

Meanwhile the East is roaring ahead. This higher IQ means making the right decisions by the ruling elites and having highly intelligent local governments and work forces. One can see it in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

However China is the main player.They may have had a hiccup in the last hundred years but they are after all the oldest civilisation.They have an advantage over the other Eastern countries in their enormous population and land mass.

There have been precidents to this collapse of civilisations and nations, The Ancient Egyptian civilisation collapsed due to the populations invasion of foreign genes from black Africa imported initially as slaves. Most recently the collapse of good government and prosperity in little Rhodesia and presently South Africa which is heading for a collapse of its infrastructure.Portugal has a very low average IQ due to its high African component and is certainly not doing very well economically.

Many argue that in spite of China's high IQ they never invented anything worthwhile and that they learn by rote. None of this is true of course. In a few years they will prove all this wrong. The west argues that their downfall will be their lack of multiculturalism meaning lack of invasion of other races but this will be their strength. Multiculturalism brings discord and lack of trust. Discord is brought in from the borders of countries to the heart of every city town and village of a country.

China are doing what Britain did during the industrial revolution. Raw materials that fueled their industries were obtained from their colonies, and they in turn were able to sell these vast cheaply made products back to the colonies and the world. Likewise China is busy colonising Africa and South America and at the same time sending their workers to these far flung lands to'teach' and actively exploit the resources themselves in exchange in many cases for cheaply produced unnecessary goods for the naive indigenous populations.

China has already become the worlds factory producing everything from children's toys to sophisticated TVs and computers. You name it they are producing it. Now they are beginning to move up to even greater hi tech products and it won't be long before they start to produce and flood the world with their own designed and patented goods.The West will not be able to rely on being the sole source of hi tech innovation while all their previous sources of production and knowhow have been transferred to China. There is an almost unlimited, relatively intelligent labour pool.Relatively intelligent compared to labouers in Africa and even India.The quality of goods produced in China is considerably superior to the same type of goods produced in Africa. They are making sure that they are tying up sources of oil and coal.

In their colonizing of Africa they are not concerned about being politically correct or human rights for that matter and they have no racist colonial baggage to inhibit them.

Their attitude to Africans is not emotional and in fact they do not seem to like them much and are not likely to let many into their country.In Africa the Chinese do not integrate but keep to themselves. According to statistics there are just about half a million living there with 300000 in South Africa.

The way I see it is that China will take the best from the west and adopt it into their culture but they will remain essentially Chinese. So when the West eventually disintegrates China will be there to save civilisation.

The great unknown is how long all this will take and what effect climate change will have? Will the famine forecast for large parts of the third world countries accelerate the movement of the populations, or will this climate change so destabilise the world that everything is thrown into turmoil? But its not going to happen next year.


Blogger cyclops said...

Unbeknowenby me Richard Lynn said in an interview with Alex Kurtagic
'I am deeply pessimistic about the future of the European peoples because mass immigration of third world peoples will lead to these becoming majorities in the United States and western Europe during the present century. I think this will mean the destruction of European civilization in these countries. I think the scenarios are only marginally better for Canada, Australia, New Zealand. European civilization may survive in Eastern Europe, including Russia. However, Eastern Europe will be no match for China. With the introduction of a market economy it has developed rapidly during the last two decades, and is projected to overtake the United States to become the world’s largest economy in approximately 10 years, and in as little as 20 years the Chinese gross domestic product is on course to nearly double that of the United States. With its high average IQ of 105, its powerful economy, and its large population of around 1.3 billion, it seems inevitable that China will become the world super-power sometime in the coming century, and probably sooner rather than later. I am profoundly thankful for the existence of the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. The torch of civilization will pass to them.

November 19, 2011 at 3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Came to this via Irish Savant. Agree with what you say apart from the point that the Chinese are of 'vastly' higher IQ than most whites. There's a difference of about 3%. Important but not vast.

February 24, 2012 at 1:26 AM  

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