Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Neanderthal Ancestors

For a fuller account of our Neanderthal ancestors see John Hawks account

He writes;
I, for one, welcome my Neandertal ancestry.

It may not sound like a lot -- between 1 and 4 percent. But that's the equivalent of one great-great-great grandparent's DNA contribution. In the case of the Neandertal contribution, more than 1500 generations ago, it's an enduring legacy of an ancient group of people, spread across many lines of the genealogies of living people. Beyond their genealogical interest, Neandertal genes might have made a big difference to our evolutionary potential.

I'm very pleased as well because it explaines a lot. It means that there basically two divisions of Mankind,those in Africa and those that left Africa.

Most species are subdivided into races (also called subspecies, or demes).Humans are not an exception. Races exist. Pretending that they don't isn't going to solve the problems of racism. It just makes you look stupid.


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