Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Tragedy of Haiti

Haiti must be the most tragic country on the planet, followed by Zimbabwe. Haiti won its independence from France over two hundred years ago and one might even suggest that it would have been much better for them if they had only got their independence in the last thirty years.

If ever there was a case for multi racialism it is in Haiti, Zimbabwe and even in the rest of Africa. I have been reminded that Lesotho should perhaps come in after Zimbabwe. Singapore is an example of multiculturalism aka multi racialism with the Chinese providing so much brain power with their high IQ.It is held up by multiculturalists as the strength of multiculturalism,but the make up is, Chinese linguistic groups 74.2%, Malays 13.4%, Indians 9.2%, with Eurasians, Arabs and other groups 3.2%. Those figures speak for themselves with a such a great majority of Chinese who reputedly have an IQ of 106.

Haiti will never succeed because of their defacto low IQ for what ever reason it may be. So increasing the IQ should be a top priority .The brightest and best are continually leaving making the situation worse. These black run countries have been hell bent in getting rid of the white population. Haiti did it two hundred years ago and Africa have done it more recently while Lesotho have never had any whites to lift it out of primitiveness and poverty. Why is it that they want to rid themselves of their white population?

Another problem is the rapid population increase caused in many ways through international subsidisation. Its really like having a rabbit hatch where food is always made available. There will be no limit to reproduction. Just look at the increase in Haiti's population in the last few decades, increasing from 3.8 million in 1961 to over 9 million in 2010.

Blacks of the world have a chip on their shoulder because they are so different genetically from all the other races in spite of what liberals say.They are continually trying to prove themselves by going it alone. They will never be able to make the cut if they do not change their attitude. Other races do not have to prove themselves.So the way out is for them to accept that there is this problem of low IQ and get all the help they can without blaming colonialism, slavery, apartheid, racism and the West in general until the populations IQ is raised by whatever means possible. That will mean bringing in other races into their population without discriminating against them.Allowing them to be productive citizens and becoming part of the government to help run the countries.

South Africa, the most prosperous of Africa's countries, will only remain successful in the long term if they can prevent the white exodus, and if Whites and Indians are allowed to remain as equal citizens and be free of discrimination and crime.

These pictures of slums could be anywhere in Africa.One is Haiti and the other Ivory Coast.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

‘Racism’ is the life-line keeping Blacks alive. Without the legacy of Slavery, Colonialism and Apartheid, Africans will simply cease to feature/exist in the Modern World. They need to keep ‘racism’ alive at all costs….because without it they’ll have no moral leverage to justify their non-progressive existence.

Without ‘Racism’ there will be no Affirmative Action, no Black Economic Empowerment, no Food Stamps, etc. ‘Racism’ is therefore such a ludicrous paradox; blacks can’t live with it, and cannot live without it! And the more desperate blacks' situation becomes, the more ‘Racism’ they need.

February 21, 2010 at 7:41 AM  
Blogger cyclops said...

see http://www.ired.com/news/mkt/haiti.htm

March 6, 2010 at 11:50 AM  

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