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This island of Hispaniola is divided into two contrasting nations, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Haiti is 95% black with an IQ of 67 while the Dominican Republic isof mixed race with African and Spanish ancestry (mixed 73%, white 16%, black 11%)IQ 82. To be fair Santo Domingo has the better portion and its population density is not as great but yet maybe its a case of which came first the chicken or the egg. One must ask why is it that Haiti in such a mess while Santo Domingo is more 'prosperous'? Perhaps Santa Dominica is better off, in spite of a turbulent past, because of its people and not because of the quality of their country. To make another comparison, the island of Mauritius has a population density of 1564 /sq K whereas Haiti's is 278/sq K and Mauritius is prosperous. It has an average IQ of 89.

One can compare many countries with mixed populations and it will be seen that the greater the mixed race proportion viz.
of African x white or Indian,relative to Black, the higher the IQ.

Brazil; 53% white, 38%mixed, 6%Black, IQ 87,
Venezuela;60% Mestizo, 29% white, 8% afro/asian IQ 84
Cuba; 65%White, 25%Mulatto, 10%Black, IQ 85
Belize;Mestizo 48%, Creole 27%, African/white 24%, IQ 84
Jamaica 90% Black, 7.3%Mixed, 2.7% white, IQ 71

Interestingly enough if white IQ is taken as 100, mixed 85, and black 70 the IQ of the country can be roughly estimated if the composition of the country is known. OK it doesn't always work,its not perfect science.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See why Haiti has so many disasters. I think the United Nations should take over governing the place as a mandated country and gradually educate the population until they are able to manage it themselves. It may take a hundred years.

January 15, 2010 at 11:51 AM  

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