Monday, November 22, 2010

SA: Collapsing into a Failed State

Here is another report I received from a friend which does not make for very happy reading, about the state of South Africa.He said 'In 1994, many believed it would take only 20 years for the "young democracy" to crash in chaos. It seems we may actually be ahead of schedule. For those who wlil see and listen, the signs are all too horribly evident all around. Now a more careful analysis confirms what we see and hear for ourselves.Its quite a long read but its enlightening

This is just part of it.
'What is also interesting and scary (and this explains why Julius Malema of the ANC Youth League is on his communist/nationalisation moves - to seize all the mines); is how the Black Population has gone backwards in terms of employment, health, education, etc. In short, most of
black society has imploded to crisis levels and that society is now dependent on incredibly large handouts from just a few million tax payers. It is the collapse of black society which is now bringing blacks to the madness of wanting to seize mines and farms and to implement more socialism on a massive scale... and Julius Malema might just be the voice of the impending madness. My own viewpoint is that Malema might well be the President of this country within 10 years... and he will be our Mugabe'
Read the whole article SA: Collapsing into a Failed State

I wrote in a previous blog in 2007
Why did it take as so long to hand over to the blacks? I'm sure most will agree that with our experience of Black’s incompetence and their inability to properly govern the states to the North, there was nothing that would assure us that this inability would not continue in South Africa once the blacks took over. Only when the international community withdrew all support from the White Government did it succumb in dramatic fashion and with dire consequences for most whites and many blacks. We handed over a well run country to the ANC government in good faith ,only to have it intent on revenge by changing history.Removing many of the White government servants and instituting BEE and AA, and changing place names willy-nilly, which is the most impressive thing that they have done to date.

It is admirable that so many whites have thrown in their support for New South Africa, but it seems for a lost cause. South Africa is living on the capital of the past, created with white brains and energy. Blacks helped with their labour,sure,but this was not necessary as Australia and New Zealand have shown. South Africa actually imported labour from India because of the reluctance of the Blacks to work in the cane fields. This capital created by whites will eventually run out.There is still nothing that assures us that this inability will not continue.Just look at the Manto fiasco.

However I don’t agree that the end is nigh, but it is nigh for most whites if they don’t embrace black culture and attitudes. For Blacks there will be a slow decline, but they will live with it as they are used to it. Their ways are not our ways.

The decline will be very slow as multinational companies will keep it afloat for the most part. Crime though, soon got out of hand after 1994 because the infrastructure was destroyed with the replacement of so many White and experienced police with untrained and uneducated Blacks. The decline in other sections is not so readily noticeable. The roads, railways, electricity supply, water supply refuse removal sewerage removal and health services, and other service delivery will slowly go down the tubes over time. Like the frog put into cold water and gradually brought to the boil. Not noticed until the frog was cooked.Not that the frog ever noticed.


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