Saturday, August 20, 2011

How will Things Pan Out

I wrote this over four years ago. I was upset that I may not live long enough to see how things panned out. Maybe I shouldn't have worried. They are beginning to pan out as I expected.

I will be turning seventy eight at the end of the week and find life as fascinating as ever.About two and a half years ago, just after new year's day, I made a decision,not a resolution mind you, a decision that I would live to ninety and still ride a bicycle. You may well ask what brought this on?. I was reading a piece in the New York Times about what was likely to happen in the next fifteen years, up till the year 2020, which intrigued me.I can't actually remember the details of the article but I was brought up with a jolt with the realisation that I wouldn't be around in 2020. Well why shouldn't I. I'm still fit, read a lot, have five blogs,have all my marbles even if others don't think so,don't smoke or drink more than a few glasses of wine a year, run regularly and was able to ride my bike 40ks in two hours a few weeks ago. So why not? I think the bible did us a disservice by saying that the years of our lives are three score years and ten. Hell, the days of our lives are four score years and ten and maybe five if we look after ourselves. Life's too interesting to cut it short.

I said life is fascinating and I want to see where we are going, because we sure are going faster than ever before. I have attempted to keep up with what I think is one of the most important developments, and that is biotechnology and the use we make of the knowledge gained from DNA research. I have made it my business to understand the chemistry behind DNA, something that was only discovered when I was at University studying science but it was too early for my professors to teach or really know about. Evolution was barely mentioned if at all.Recently I have gained more knowledge of evolutionary biology which everyone should be on first name terms with, if they want to understand about life. Forget intelligent design which is creationism in sheep's clothing . Its just not science and never will be. This is the reason I have subtitled this blog with the words of the great evolutionary biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution" but my best quote is from Francis Crick when he said to a friend in a pub after discovering the structure of the DNA molecule "I think we have discovered the secret of life"


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