Friday, October 7, 2011

What the ANC has in store for South Africa

Research and Policy Brief: Revealing the Master Plan: What the ANC has in store for South Africa, 28th September 2011.
Address by John Kane-Berman, chief executive of the South African Institute of Race Relations, to Institute members and guests at the Country Club, Johannesburg, on 28 September 2011

In my presentation last year I argued that many of the problems confronting South Africa arose not from a few wrong-headed policies, but from the nature of the Government and the way it ran the State. I suggested that when a party with a two-thirds majority in Parliament was still committed to a "national democratic revolution” we should ask what it is that they wished to stage a revolution against. So this evening I will explore the national democratic revolution (NDR) in a bit more detail. I will define it, discuss the process of implementation, look at the implications, and then say something about its future. Read the whole address here


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