Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Brave New World

Two months have gone by without a post. I have been waiting to see where the world is going. We can't deny the future. It will get there whether we fight against it or not.For my part my only regret about my mortality is that I will not be here to see how it pans out, so I thought I would predict the future instead as I will not be here, and will not be embarrassed about what I have written when turns out to be completely wrong.

The easy part is that the world population will surge towards eight billion by 2020 which is the date I am aiming for. None of my male ancestors managed it past 88 so just maybe I will be able to surpass them by a couple of years,but I'm not as confidant as I was a few years ago.

This population explosion is the cause of all our problems.There is no way we are going to be able to prevent global warming the way we are going at present. Many in the West are upset that India are to produce a cheap car to help the Indian population become mobile.Thats arrogant. Why should China and India not aspire to the wealth of the West. Unless the West changes its attitude and the developing nations stop their headlong progress to a fossil fuel driven economy, global warming is going to be devastating. CO2 is a greenhouse gas and is being released into the atmosphere by the destruction of the forests, the degradation of the grasslands and desertification, and by burning fossil fuels.All caused by the ever increasing human population. This carbon has been stored over billions of years and we are releasing it into the atmosphere in only decades.To deny this is ridiculous.The weather will become more extreme in every way possible.

Multiculturalism is going to have devastating consequences for Europe,but the egg cannot be unscrambled. Where once there was tension between countries,especially along borders, now these borders have been moved right into the various countries in Europe.Ghettos are forming in the cities where they become no go areas for people not of that particular culture ethnicity or race with increase in crime and the rights of the original populations are denied.So each state will be made up of countries within a country. Only countries like Japan, China,Korea Russia and perhaps other Eastern European countries will retain their homogeneity or monoracial identity and escape this disaster. They will have learned something.

Africa is also easy though only racists would subscribe to the notion that it is destined fail and will never become a developed continent. It is written in the stars. The rich will become very rich by corruption and theft, with most of the increasing population living in dire degradation unable to be helped by the West because of their own problems. China will take advantage and exploit Africa's resources for their own benefit and little benefit for Africa except for the leaders who will remain as corrupt as ever. Because more and more food will be used for biofuels the world's food reserve will decline and there will be little for Africa. In South Africa the capital created by whites will eventually run out. However I don’t agree that the end is nigh, but it is nigh for most whites if they don’t embrace black culture and attitudes. For Blacks there will be a slow decline, but they will live with it as they are used to it. Their ways are not our ways.The decline will be very slow as multinational companies will keep it afloat for the most part. Crime that soon got out of hand after 1994 because the infrastructure was destroyed with the replacement of so many White and experienced police with untrained and uneducated Blacks will probably get even worse. The decline in other sections is not so readily noticeable. The roads, railways, water supply refuse removal sewerage removal and health services, and other service delivery will slowly go down the tubes over time.Electricity failure though will not go unnoticed. You either have it or you don't.Well thats already come to pass. Potholes you can go around.But like the frog put into cold water and gradually brought to the boil many won't notice. Many in the liberal West are desperate to see Africa succeed and grasp at the slimmest evidence of progress but the trend will always be down.There is something so inevitable about it all.

China, Japan, Korea and India, and perhaps Russia will become world leaders even though many of their population will be mired in poverty,while America will decline in its influence because of massive population increase through unstoppable immigration from central America and Mexico. At the same time Europe will be flooded with Blacks from Africa. There will finally be retaliation but too late.Islam will be the main religion in Europe.

James Watson will be exonerated.Rapid progress in the field of molecular biology will show that there are two races of man.Those in Africa and those that left and that there are significant differences between the two.Evolutionary Psychology will show there are evolutionary reasons for these differences in behavior, consciousness and IQ,

For the wealthy, biotechnology will give them great advantage over the poor and they will only give lip service to helping them,just a little to placate their conscience.There will therefore be,as of now,the very rich trhose in the middle and ever increasing poor. As the 'Bell Curve' predicts, IQ will determine who is rich and who is poor, who is successful and who is unsuccessful and who will survive and who will not. Darwin will win. Biotechnology will however overrule natural selection with artificial selection but it will only be the rich who will benefit in the end.

The All Blacks will remain winless in World Cups.

That's general enough for something to be right and I will be hailed a modern day Nostradamus. Ja well no fine.Who cares.


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