Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mixed Messages from South Africa.

Where lies the truth?
South Africa won the rugby world cup and have just beaten Australia in the test match in Perth with the highest run chase ever in OZ. The Rail link between Pretoria and Johannesburg is being completed in record time. It would take New Zealand the same time to build a bridge. HIV/Aids is taking its toll with hundreds of thousands of deaths a year. Mixed messages from the new political party COPE. Expats returning to South Africa. What's going on.

From here it seems to me the problem is with AA and BEE which the new party seem to want to keep or maybe in a modified form.Anything run by whites is going well but projects or whatever being run by ANC cadres turns to muck. Click on the second picture. Most of those controlling what is going on seem to be whites, Blacks would just drop that train.There's certainly a greater proportion of whites around.


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