Monday, March 23, 2009

The President of the United States.

For along time I have wanted to write about Barack Obama but events seemed to overtake me and I was always on the back foot.Being a natural conservative I was not for the democrats but after Bush I thought a change was necessary. Obama was for many of the things I also agreed with. He was anti the war in Iraq. Right at the beginning of the Iraq business I new that Bush had taken his eye off the ball and should have concentrated his efforts on Afghanistan. Iraq could have been safely left for a later date. Obama was for stem cell research, pro choice and probably not a creationist so how come I'm a conservative. Well I suppose conservatives in the US are not the same as conservatives elsewhere. Still I would not have supported Obama and would probably not have voted at all. I supose in a way it was Hobson's choice.

I was convinced Obama would fail, first in the run up to the elections and finally in the election itself. I had this preconceived idea that an African American could not possibly make it to the top. People everywhere seemed to go ga-ga over him an I just couldn't understand it. How could I be so wrong. Having lived in Africa for most of my life I was programmed to believe that no Black could possible succeed at anything except sport, certainly not being President of the United States. I wrote in the comments on a blog that if they elected Obama, far from promoting Black Americans it might in the end do them more harm. America is still very divided about the Presidency. If you read the Republican comments he can do nothing right but for the liberals he is their pop idol.

Where do I stand now? I still side with the Republicans on their opinion of Obama but it seems on little else, no, not even on Global warming. I think he will fail hopelessly. The evidence. His teleprompter. Without it he is lost. He made a gaffe about the para-Olympians. I don' t think that was such a big mistake. It was supposed to be a joke. He could have said he played like a woman, but it does show that without his teleprompter he will be as inarticulate a Bush. He was elected with out any scrutiny. He left no paper trail. Nothing written by him at University has ever been found which leads me to believe that his path to the presidency was long in the planning and was some sort of conspiracy where many worked to hide his past leaving a blank slate. His book on his life story seems to have largely been written by Ayers. So if there were people who meticulously planned his journey to the White House, using his African American heritage as a draw card and at the same time believing that in the end they would be able to use him as a puppet, they have succeeded to a point. But they may now lose control of him and he will be able to mess up all on his own. Still too soon to tell,but I hate being wrong.


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