Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Influence of MSM

This is an interview by Hannity with actor Voight on Fox News

VOIGHT: Well, look, when I think of this — first of all, I'm a fellow who is — I've been around, and I've taken care of myself, and I'm not — I'm not worried about losing jobs, but I am worried about millions of people with small families losing jobs. It's a big deal to me. So you know, I want to speak up.

But, you know, slowly but surely we can see that Obama's policies are failing. But the people who brought him in — the people who brought him in to office will defend them, you know, no matter what, because they refuse to — to feel that they made a mistake.

Now, who brought him into office? The press brought him in. The press was a big factor, and so was — they got a lot of help from ACORN, this corrupt organization that is now under indictment in many states throughout the country for voter fraud and registration fraud, and also, by the way, responsible for the stealing of the election of Norm Coleman in Minnesota.

But the press — the press brought him in, and now they want to make sure that nobody topples the throne, it seems. So they don't report anything that will interfere with his policies.

But when the news is biased, it can — you know, it can control the people in a dangerous way. We see what's going on in Venezuela, and we're shocked. We're shocked to see Hugo Chavez closing down the — the opposition media. We're shocked when we see what's happening to the truth in Iran.

But this same thing is happening in our country right now. The Obama regime is controlling the press. They protect them, they cover for him, and they don't want the truth to come out that there is this dissatisfaction, that people are waking up, and it's being expressed in these tea parties.

VOIGHT: And you're getting it out there, and other people are getting it out there. Millions are expressing their dissatisfaction, but the mainstream press is not reporting it, Sean.

Thank God for you guys at FOX and yourself for covering the tea parties because without you, we wouldn't think anything was going on. Absolutely no — no other network covered it. Nobody. Except maybe Janeane Garofalo covered it.

Can you imagine, Sean, 37,000 people came out in the — in protest in a town in Texas to protest against this irresponsible spending that's going to leave their grandchildren in great debt and burden. And she said about that, she said, "Oh, well, these people are just — they're rednecks, you know, they're just people who are..."

What caught my eye was how the MSM manipulates the sheeple. It is happening all over the Western world and they are just falling for it. It's frightening. He mentions how viciously they attack if you disagree with them.
Still the trouble with the Republican Party is that they have too many policies that are not really important in the real world. Like their hate for atheists, gays,pro choices' evolutionists, global warming supporters. Why not concentrate on the real important issues. Scrap AA and recognise that races are different in different ways, or er recognise that some races are better at some things than others and help the whites jump.


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