Wednesday, July 15, 2009

World Cup 2010

I have changed my opinion about the success of the World cup just under a year away. I now believe that it will be a great success. The success of the Lion's Tour and the cricket Twenty/20 has convinced me of that.There has been considerable input from FIFA and they have not left everything to South Africa.Just read this by someone working on the inside He says' The organizers of the tournament, FIFA have left very little to chance, if anything at all. As you observe the cutting edge technologies and facilities deployed around the stadium, you realize that they have thought of everything. I have been personally involved with the planning, deployment and commissioning of the entire IT & T and Broadcast solution for just over a year already, but FIFA personnel have been busy for much longer. And we have only just begun, because the Confederations Cup is only the opening act for the main event – the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup, which will be held in exactly one year from today.'
Before the pessimists say too much I think they should withhold judgment till after the World Cup,otherwise they might have egg on their collective faces.I was one of the pessimists but I want to save face now.Green Point Stadium | Times LIVE Multimedia


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